Endometriosis Empowerment

Endometriosis Empowerment

An 8-week journey, or 101-session, designed to improve and empower your quality of life.

Endometriosis can be exhausting. Instead of enjoying your life, your day-to-day has been taken over by pain, heavy bleeding, severe fatigue, endo belly, and more, and you’re tired. You’re tired of feeling your life is on hold, waiting until the pain has passed and you’re finally listened to after being dismissed for years.

If you’ve been dealing with this on your journey so far, you deserve better. You deserve to be listened to, supported, cared for, and above all, you deserve to live the life you want.

That’s where the Endometriosis Empowerment Programme comes in.

It has been specifically made to help you live an autonomous and empowered life. You no longer have to feel controlled by your endometriosis and can live a more predictable, comfortable life.

Together, we’ll make sure that your life can become yours again by using nutrition and lifestyle support curated to your needs. You no longer have to miss out on your life.

During this 8-week Endometriosis Empowerment Programme, you will learn:

– Both how to manage and the techniques that support endo-flares
– The role of inflammation in endometriosis and how we can use nutrition to reduce this
– Personalised suggestions designed to make your life easier and more comfortable
– Movements that support the body and mind, all cycle long
– Both which lifestyle factors impact your symptoms (sleep, stress, and more), and how to optimise these
– The key signs to look out for when tracking your cycle for endometriosis

Feeling held back
Extreme tiredness


These programmes are designed with you in mind.
This is your journey, and every recommendation is made to suit your needs.

I want to meet you where you are along your journey, which is why, above all, I encourage positivity around food and our bodies. Because you do not have to restrict yourself to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Instead, let’s focus on what you can add to your diet to enhance and enrich it. The same goes for movement. Each suggestion is created to fit your life, helping you thrive – even when dealing with Endometriosis.

Check them out below!

Programme Breakdown

Starting from £47/week (total of £376)
Essential: 3 video sessions, weekly emails
*Premium: 6 video/telephone sessions, weekly emails

*additional £141

A structured, supportive, 8-week package designed to take your life from out of control to manageable.

This Endometriosis Empowerment Programme should leave you feeling confident and comfortable as you receive hands-on guidance every step of the way.

Endometriosis Empowerment
Programme Breakdown:
Before beginning the programme, you will be asked to complete a cycle questionnaire and food diary. On weeks without video calls, you will receive personalised check-in emails with guidance, info, recipes, and more to keep you supported all month.

Month 1 – the programme begins with a 60-75 minute video call. Our session will focus on exploring your needs, feelings, and current nutrition and lifestyle habits. We’ll align on your goals, and nutrition and lifestyle recommendations will be made that can be easily implemented into your life.

Month 2 – our second video call will recap and review your experience of nutrition and lifestyle changes from the previous month. We will focus on your symptoms, mood, and energy, ensuring you feel as supported as possible.

Prioritising our mental well-being is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Weekly emails focus on weekly challenges aimed at managing and encouraging acceptance.

Month 3 – Entering our last video session, we will review and recap the past 8 weeks. We will look at your journey and realign any changes, ensuring you feel prepared for your life outside of the sessions. Congratulations! You’re finally ready to live the life you want, no longer feeling ruled by your endometriosis.

Additional Support:
If required, both supplement plans and functional testing are available.

– a free Endometriosis Nourish & Flourish Recipe Guide e-book worth £12.99
– discounted products from WellEasy and The Natural Dispensary

Endometriosis 101


This shorter ‘101’ journey is designed for those looking for an introductory guide to Endometriosis. In our two sessions together, over 6 weeks, you’ll learn the basics of Endometriosis support. 

This package is perfect for those newly diagnosed or unable to commit to the 8-week programme.

This session includes the following:
– 1x 60-minute video session

– 1x 45-minute follow-up video session

– Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan following each session which focuses on your Endometriosis needs

– An overview of the pillars of Endometriosis support

– One check-in email halfway through with additional tips and recipes

– If required, supplement recommendations