Menstruation Made Easy

Menstruation Made Easy

A 6-week journey, or 1-off session, curated to support you all cycle long.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed, confused, and even frustrated when navigating your period – you are not alone. It can be exhausting whether you are dealing with PMS, period pain, bloating, or just trying to understand your body better. Each month can feel unpredictable and draining as your period takes over your life.

But really, all you want is some regularity and control over your cycle, right?

That’s exactly what the Menstruation Made Easy programme is designed for.

You’ll be supported every step as you learn how to cycle sync – aka, optimise your life with simple changes that can help you feel your best, all cycle long.

During this 6-week Menstruation Made Easy programme, you will learn:

– Both what to eat and how to nourish yourself all cycle long to feel your best
– How to navigate lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, and more) for each phase of the menstrual cycle
– Menstrual cycle basics and how this can help you look after yourself
– Movements for each phase of the cycle that are best suited to your lifestyle
– Period empowerment, as you gain all the essentials to become a boss of your periods
– How to track your cycle and the benefits of doing so

Low moods
Feeling out of control


These programmes are designed with you in mind.
This is your journey, and every recommendation is made to suit your needs.

I want to meet you where you are along your journey, which is why, above all, I encourage positivity around food and our bodies. Because you do not have to restrict yourself to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Instead, let’s focus on what you can add to your diet to enhance and enrich it. The same goes for movement. Each suggestion is created to fit your life, helping you thrive – even when dealing with your cycle.

Check them out below!

Programme Breakdown

£38/week (total of £228)

This 6-week journey is designed to take you out of the confusion, frustration, and pain that can come with your menstrual cycle.

With educational guidance, personalised plans, and recipes specifically designed for your cycle phases, you’ll have the chance to be heard and supported every step of the way. 

Menstruation Made Easy
Weekly Breakdown:
Before beginning the programme, you will be asked to complete a cycle questionnaire and food diary.

Week 1 – the programme begins with a 60-75 minute video call exploring your questionnaire to align on goals for the next six weeks. We’ll walk through your feelings, attitudes, and approach to your cycle, as we begin to break down the menstrual phases. You will receive personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations in line with your goals.

Week 2-3 – no sessions this week; however, you will receive personalised check-ins and further guidance via email. This will include recipes, tips, info, and more.

Week 3-4 – our first check-in call, lasting 30 minutes. We’ll catch up on the previous three weeks and align on new recommendations. We’ll also dig a little deeper into how you can structure your cycle to optimise your life.

Week 5 – there is no session this week; you will receive your final check-in email with more menstrual-cycle goodies to help you along your period journey.

Week 6 – your programme ends with a final 30-minute session, where we’ll recap on your overall journey. As we close off the past six weeks, you’ll finish the programme feeling refreshed, renewed, and empowered.

Additional Support:
If required, both supplement plans and functional testing are available.

– a free Cycle Syncing Recipe Guide e-book worth £12.99
– discounted products from WellEasy and The Natural Dispensary

Optional Add-On: an additional check-in session upon completion of the 6-weeks is available, lasting either 30 or 60-minutes (prices available upon request)

1-Off Session


Whether you’d like to learn more about the menstrual cycle for yourself, your friends, family, or peers, this introductory session will help you to learn the basics of cycle syncing.

This session includes the following:
– 1x 60-minute video session

– A breakdown of what the menstrual cycle is, and how we can use cycle syncing to optimise our lives

– An overview of nutrient requirements for each phase

– 1-2 personalised tips to help you feel more in control of your menstrual cycle moving forward.