PCOS Power (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

PCOS Power

From irregular periods to skin, mood, body and fertility issues, PCOS can feel like a life sentence. Every cycle brings unpredictability, and it can be hard to trust your body. It might feel like your body is fighting against you… but it does not have to be this way.

If you want to manage, control, and feel powerful in your body, say hello to the PCOS Power Programme.

The PCOS Power Programme is the ultimate guide to help you live comfortably and confidently, specifically made with you in mind. 

Together, we’ll focus on supporting and nourishing your body with recommendations that are personalised to your needs. Let’s explore how you can live your happiest and healthiest life without being ruled by PCOS. Take back the power over your periods today.

During this 12-week PCOS Power programme, you will learn:

– How to use and adopt nutrition support to feel your best all cycle long, personalised to your needs.
– Four phases of PCOS support, building upon each as the programme progresses.
– The root of your symptoms and how this can inform nutrition suggestions.
– Movements that enhance your body and mind when living with PCOS.
– Both which lifestyle factors impact your symptoms (sleep, stress, and more), and how to optimise these.
– The key signs to look out for when tracking your cycle for PCOS.

Body discomfort
Skin, hair and body changes
Irregular periods


These programmes are designed with you in mind.
This is your journey, and every recommendation is made to suit your needs.

I want to meet you where you are along your journey, which is why, above all, I encourage positivity around food and our bodies. Because you do not have to restrict yourself to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Instead, let’s focus on what you can add to your diet to enhance and enrich it. The same goes for movement. Each suggestion is created to fit your life, helping you thrive – even when dealing with PCOS.

Check them out below!

Programme Breakdown

Starting from £38/week (total of £456)
Essential: 4 video sessions, weekly emails
*Premium: 7 video/telephone sessions, weekly emails

*additional £141

A structured, progression-based, 12-week package, moving you through the 4-key phases of PCOS support: Food, Mood, Move, and the Essential Next Steps.

Specifically curated to help you feel independent and confident managing your PCOS.

PCOS Power
Programme Breakdown:
Before beginning the programme, you will be asked to complete a cycle questionnaire and food diary.

Month 1: Food – the programme begins with a 60-75 minute video call. During this session, we will walk through your personal needs, feelings, and current nutrition and lifestyle habits, we will align on the first phase of the programme – food.

We start with nutrition, the foundation of the programme. Implementing nutrition changes early into the 12 weeks helps us explore buildable and structured changes that will kick-start your PCOS journey.

Month 2: Mood – our second video call will recap and review your experience of nutrition changes from the previous month. We begin exploring the impact of lifestyle factors (e.g. sleep, stress, and more), creating goals for the following weeks.

Prioritising our mental well-being is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Weekly emails focus on weekly challenges aimed at calming and supporting the mind.

Month 3: Move – now that we have built the foundations of PCOS support, we are ready to introduce the third pillar: movement. We will catch up and review your journey over the past few weeks, but this time, we’ll add the importance of moving into this month’s video session.

If this sounds a little daunting – don’t worry! We’ll focus on joyful movements and listening to our bodies. There’s no rigorous exercise or 20k jogs over here! 

Month 4: Essential Next Steps – entering our last video session, we will review and recap the past 12 weeks. We will look at your journey and realign any changes, ensuring you feel prepared for your life outside of the sessions. Congratulations! You’re finally ready to live the life you want, no longer feeling ruled by your PCOS.

Additional Support:
If required, both supplement plans and functional testing are available.

– a free PCOS Management & Recipe Guide e-book worth £12.99
– discounted products from WellEasy and The Natural Dispensary

PCOS 101


This shorter ‘101’ journey is designed for those looking for an introductory guide to PCOS. In our two sessions together, over 6 weeks, you’ll learn the basics of PCOS support.

This package is perfect for those newly diagnosed or unable to commit to the 12-week programme.

This session includes the following:
– 1x 60-minute online video session

– 1x 45-minute follow-up online video session

– Personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan following each session which focuses on your PCOS needs

– An overview of the pillars of PCOS support

– One check-in email halfway through with additional tips and recipes

– If required, supplement recommendations